How Long Can Period Pain Cramps Last in Early Pregnancy?


During early pregnancy, period cramps normally last for between four and eight weeks. The cramping is normal and it is as a result of the many changes in the uterus as the implanted egg begins to grow and develop.
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Yes, this happened to me. I kept thinking my period was going to come. It ended once I was around 14 weeks, but for some it can happen during the whole pregnancy because the uterus
Well no one can really give you a definite answer on that because i experienced cramping during my entire pregnancy on and off and my son is now 2 years old and very healthy. As long
Yes, one reason for cramping in early pregnancy is hormones have
I had the early cramps (felt like menstrual cramps) until I was about 9 weeks along. Then they just went away around the same time as i started to get less tired. Good luck, and hang
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