How Long Can the Human Intestine Stretch?


Human intestines are only twenty to thirty feet long; most commonly they are between twenty five and twenty eight feet for an adult when inside the body. The small intestine is the longest of the two intestines at twenty to twenty three feet long. The large intestine is only five feet long. Children's intestines are shorter than adult's intestines because both the child and the intestine are still growing. There is a myth that if you stretch out human intestines from only one person, they would stretch around the world but this is just a myth with no truth to it.
Q&A Related to "How Long Can the Human Intestine Stretch?"
The average human intestine is about 8.5 meters or almost 28 feet!
The large intestine is about 1.5 meters long ( about 4 feet six inches)
The human brain can last only 4 to 6 minutes without oxygen before permanent damage occurs, according to California State University. In the event of a stroke or other event causing
vaguely remember that it's about 33 feet, or 10 metres.
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