Where do Germs Live?


Germs live pretty much everywhere. They can live on counter tops in our kitchens, on door knobs, hand rails, our skin, and in our bodies. They are on food, and towels and on the things we use to clean with.
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1. Calm down. Yes, millions of germs are everywhere, but our bodies are wonderfully designed to cope with and battle most of them. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of rest. Take care
The length of time that cold or flu germs can survive(not live) outside
Colds, sore throats, and Ghastfermfrost are diseases that can survive.
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How long germs can live depends on the type of germ and where it ends up. On surfaces, germs can live up to 48 hours. Germs also live longer on stainless steel ...
The answer to this question is highly contingent upon what type of germ and on what type of surface the germ is on. In general, the germs that make up the cold ...
Germs can live on a surface as long as they can derive nutrition from it. For example, bacteria can survive for millions of years if the right temperature and ...
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