How Long Do Love Bites Last?


A love bite is a discoloration of the skin, a bruise caused by prolonged suction of the mouth against the skin. Some can last as little as two days, but some can last weeks depending on the skin type of a person.
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Love bite or kiss mark is a mark that is caused by sucking or kissing of the skin. They typically last from four to twelve days and they can be treated by putting a block of ice on the affected area.
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A love bite is also known as a hickey. You dont really bite the person at all. You simply put your mouth on the area that you want to place the love bite on and you suck but dont
Well, it really depends on how hard he/she bit/sucked on your skin. Some can last as little as two days, but some can last weeks at a time.
1. Apply yellow-tinted concealer over the love bite, using your fingertips to blend it in. You'll need to cover an area larger than the love bite itself, so it looks naturally blended
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