How Long Do You Have to Contest a Will?


Legally, one has only 6 months from the date of grant of representation to contest a will. Action should be taken as soon as possible after death. Contested probate time limits vary depending upon the type of claim, and are governed under the Limitation Act of 1980.
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How Long Do You Have to Contest a Will?
A person can contest a will, challenging whether it is valid. There are many reasons a person can have a will deemed invalid, such as the testator was under duress, not of sound mind or perhaps given misinformation before signing the will. It could also... More »
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One has only 6 months to contest a will legally. This is usually from the date of grant of representation. A person should commence action as soon as possible after death and put in a protective claim to ensure that the deadline is not missed.
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Contesting a will is a legal matter that most certainly requires consultation with an attorney in your state. It is likelly that laws regarding wills can vary from state to state
1. Research laws regarding wills and probate to find out what your rights to contest are. These laws vary from state to state. 2. Talk with family members about the terms of the will
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1 Hire an attorney who specializes in probate, estate and trust law. Call your courthouse or visit the state bar association website for a list of referrals and attorneys with particular
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