How Long Does a Broken Elbow Take to Heal?


The length of time it takes to heal a broken elbow depends on the type of fracture and the treatment applied to heal the fracture. Typically, it will take between four and six weeks for a broken elbow to heal completely. Treatment plans include having the patient wear a splint or sling, and it can also include surgery. On severe breaks, a doctor may use pins/wires, screws, plates and screws, or sutures in the tendons or bone.
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it will take 3 month.
Depending on the severity of the break and which toe is broken, you may be able to just tape it to another toe to keep it stable and let it heal that way. If you have a lot of pain
Look for signs of a broken elbow immediately following the injury. The elbow or area surrounding it may be swollen or deformed. Discoloration such as bruising or redness may be visible
1. Buy some pain reliever cream in the shops or the chemist. Deep Heat (if you see it) is a really good brand [if your skin is not sensitive] or Biofreeze. 2. Use some anti-inflammatory
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