How Long Does Flu Last for?


Flu also known as influenza lasts for about four to five days and sometimes longer than a week. It is a virus that spreads through airborne particles or by touching something, which has the virus. Some of its symptoms include fatigue, sore throat, headache, and fever.
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How Long Does the Flu Last for?
The flu, or influenza, is a viral illness that affects the upper respiratory system which includes the lungs, throat, nose and sinuses. Each year the flu is a little different than the previous year because viruses mutate. As you become immune to one... More »
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A flu shot vaccination will last you about one year. This is why you have to get a new flu shot every year in order to keep from getting the flu.
How long does flu last? Flu, or influenza, is an infection of the respiratory system caused by a virus. It affects the lungs, nose and throat and those in the high risk category can
Before Symptoms Appear The actual time someone has the flu may be longer than he believes, as that person may have the flu before he exhibits any symptoms. Complications If someone
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The flu usually can last anywhere from one week to two weeks. However, in some cases, the type of flu a person has will determine the length of the flu. Many times ...
The flu can include a fever, aches, chills, tiredness, and have a sudden onset. The length of the flu can vary depending on the severity and can last anywhere ...
Acording to the research, cat flu lasts for around seven to fourteen days. However, the timing of it depends on the type of the virus that has infected the cat. ...
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