How Long Does It Take for Lividity to Set in?


Postmortem lividity occurs when the heart is no longer functioning, so settling of the blood in the lower portion of the body occurs. This causes a discoloration in the skin of the deceased person. If you happen to be curious about how long it takes for lividity to set it, the answer is that the process begins anywhere between twenty minutes and three hours after death. Somewhere around 6 to 12 hours after death, there will be maximum lividity.
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Lividity begins to work through the deceased within
fresh from wikipedia: Lividity starts twenty minutes to three hours after death and is congealed in the capillaries in four to five hours. Maximum lividity occurs within 6-12 hours.
My uncle passed away several years ago. About 5or6 family members were present. He died aroung the evening hours. The young male cna had been in to clean him and even dressed him
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