How Long Does Restylane Last?


Restylane can last up to six months with most people choosing to repeat the Restylane injection treatment after this period of time. The results of a Restylane injection are immediate and may be long lasting depending on factors like skin structure and age.
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Restylane treatments provide immediate results which last for about 6 months, sometimes longer depending on your individual body chemistry and genetic makeup.
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It depends on the person. In some cases, I have seen where it only lasted for 2 months. In most people it should last for about 6 months.
Restylane can last up to one year depending on which area it is injected into and the strength of the serum injected. But it can also last as little as 2-3 months. Injections into
I believe Restylane lasts longer, 6-12 months depending on where you put it (lips are only 6 months). My mom just got it on Monday (she is 62) but she was very swollen yesterday.
How long does Restylan last for real? I had it once and it only lasted 2 months! Asked 38 months ago by daovin58 in fraser mi Tags: last longevity
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You will see results of the restylane immediately after the treatment. There will be redness and swelling that could last from a few hours to a few days. ...
I am 60yrs old and have had both. I was a bit dissapointed with the Vital with having 3 sessions and after the third the effect didn't last more than a couple ...
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