What are Homo Sapiens?


Homo sapiens is the scientific name of members of the human species. Specifically, homo sapiens are bipedal primates in the Hominidae, or the ape family. If you can read these written words, I'm pretty sure you belong to the Homo sapiens species as
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None. There's only one living species in our genus of. Homo.
The next stage of evolution will name themselves just as we have.
Homo sapiens are humans and the name for modern man as a species. Derived from the Latin word
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Homosapiens are the only existing species of Hominidae family who have evolved to become human beings. They lived 200,000 years ago and originated from Africa. ...
The only species of hominid that still exists today is the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or human. Paleoanthropology is the field of science which studies this area. ...
Human type beings have existed for between 160,000 and 250,000 years. It would depend on what is meant by humans, that being archaic or modern homo sapiens as ...
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