How long is a rabbit's pregnancy?


From conception to birth, a rabbit's gestation period ranges from 30 to 40 days. At its conclusion, a female rabbit, or doe, gives birth to between one and nine kits, or baby rabbits.

After nursing her young for one to two months, a doe's body is prepared to become pregnant again. So, with two to three months between conceptions, a doe can have as few as four litters in a year or as many as six. With the potential to give birth to over 50 kits annually, it is important that rabbits raised in captivity be maintained in gender-segregated quarters to keep their numbers in check.

Q&A Related to "How long is a rabbit's pregnancy?"
about 40 days but mine was for 36.
It take 31 days from the time they breed to the time they have the litter.
1. Do the math. Has she been in contact with an intact male in the past 30 days? Rabbit gestation period runs from 28-32 days with very little deviation from this range. If it's been
1 you wait 30 days then you should fell little marble shaped circles in the rabbits stumick . the female of course lol. then it will have babys in a couple of days or weeks.
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