What is Mars Period of Revolution?


The length of one day on Mars is very similar to that on Earth, 24.62 hours, but its year, or period of rotation around the Sun, is almost twice as long as ours, 1.88 years.
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Mars rotation is 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds. Mars only rotates 39 minutes slower than earth. 1.88 years for revolution. Mars period of revolution around the sun, its orbit
Mars has a period of revolution of 687 earth days. The period of rotation
687 days is correct, the sidereal year (relative to the stars). 772 days is the average time between one opposition with Earth and the next, I believe, quite a bit longer because
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The period for the revolution of Mars is longer than that of Earth. It takes Mars about 24.622 hours to make a full rotation on its axis. It also takes Mars 686.971 ...
Mars, that big red planet has always intrigued man. Its daily rotation is 24. 6 hours, very much like Earths day. Mars revolves around the Sun every 687 days, ...
Mars revolves at a rate of 1.88 years for every complete orbit around the sun. by comparison, the Earth takes one year to make it's loop around the sun. You can ...
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