How Long Should a Headache Last Before You See a Doctor?


According to the American Heart Association, any severe headache on one or both sides of the head that comes without any warning or any known cause could be the first sign of a stroke or transient ischemic attack (mini-stroke" Other symptoms of a
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There are over 100 different types of headache disorders, and how long an attack may last depends greatly on the diagnosis. There are headache disorders that can last virtually all
Some headaches/migraines can last as long as a couple days. If headaches persist you
A typical migraine headache lasts less than 24 hours. Less commonly, a migraine can be as brief as 20 minutes or last for weeks. Generally, a migraine sufferer has headache-free periods
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Sinus headaches are difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms are much like tension headaches and migraines. Season changes and bad colds can be a precursor to a ...
Spinal Headaches, better known as lumbar puncture headaches, are a phenomena that occurs after a patient has had a lumbar puncture procedure. Typically, a spinal ...
The duration of spinal headaches may vary. It could long for less than 24 hours and in some cases more than 24 hours. Blood patches are created to treat spinal ...
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