How Long to Cure a Concrete Drive.?


Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, sand and rock aggregate and water. When combined with water, cement reacts chemically to bind the aggregate into a monolithic solid. However, the chemical reaction-called hydration-between cement and water is
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ideally 28 days.
Any cement based product, including
72 hours.
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Concrete is safe to walk on after 24 hours. To fully cure and become as hard as it will become takes about 28 days depending on the weather. If not cured correctly ...
The amount of time that it takes a concrete block has to cure before it can be used depends on the manufacturer you choose. If you go to a paint store, they should ...
Most places say that at a minimum you should wait 24 hours before you drive on new concrete. How long before driving on it also depends on the mixture. Some mixtures ...
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