How Long Will 1gb Mobile Phone Data Last?


The 1gb phone data duration depends on the tariff. If your tariff is advertised as unlimited, there may still be a fair usage limit on it. Although it varies depending on your exact tariff, if you have got an unlimited? tariff then you will have a fair usage limit. Downloading or streaming video/music for example applications such as you tube, is dangerous.
Q&A Related to "How Long Will 1gb Mobile Phone Data Last"
it won't.I mean if you have any kind of data cap (especially a low one like that) then you should forget about playing on XBL until you have a more useful ISP.
1GB is a fairly average amount for most tarrifs, but whether it is enough for you depends entirely on what you use it for. Most mobile internet users don't get through more than a
If it's 1GB/Month, unless you're sending a HUGE amount of messages, then it will last you the month easily.
it will last for at least 2 and a half years.
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