How Long Will 1gb Mobile Phone Data Last?


The 1gb phone data duration depends on the tariff. If your tariff is advertised as unlimited, there may still be a fair usage limit on it. Although it varies depending on your exact tariff, if you have got an unlimited? tariff then you will have a fair usage limit. Downloading or streaming video/music for example applications such as you tube, is dangerous.
Q&A Related to "How Long Will 1gb Mobile Phone Data Last"
it won't.I mean if you have any kind of data cap (especially a low one like that) then you should forget about playing on XBL until you have a more useful ISP.
1GB is a fairly average amount for most tarrifs, but whether it is enough for you depends entirely on what you use it for. Most mobile internet users don't get through more than a
well, it depends a lot from the mobile you have...different mobiles have different graphics, which brings to longer loading time, and also depends from whether you use your browser
it will last for at least 2 and a half years.
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