How Many Calories do I Need to Eat to Loose Weight?


If your weight is stable, you need to eat 3,500 calories less than normal (or exercise off that much) in order to lose one pound. If you cut 500 calories a day from your normal diet, you will lose a pound in just one week. You can find more information here: www.mayoclinic.com
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2,000 calories is a rough average of what people eat in a day. Height, weight, gender, age and activity level all affect your caloric needs.
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How many calories should I eat to loose weight would be determined by how much you weigh. If you decrease your intake by 500 calories a day you can lose up to one pound per week.
Challenge assumed constraints. Many, including myself, have eaten for pleasure. However, this leads to overeating and will not get you very far h. However, when your goal in eating
It depends on your own personal rate, your metabolism, and your activity level. Some people would gain weight at that caloric intake. Others would lose weight.
To lose weight aim to eat 500 fewer calories/day
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How many calories you will need to eat to lose weight is going to be determined by how many calories you need to maintain weight. If you need 2500 calories to ...
If you want to lose weight, you should eat 500 less calories than you normally do in a day. This will enable you to lose 3,500 calories in a week, which is equivalent ...
You can eat healthy and lose weight by reducing the number of calories you take in on a daily basis. Choosing foods like fruits and vegetables and also whole grains ...
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