How Many Calories Burned Walking?


The calories you burn while walking depends on how much energy you use while walking. On an average you burn 100 calories per mile you walk for a person who weighs 160lbs. The speed of your walk will determine how many calories you burn. The faster
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How Many Calories Does Walking Burn?
Walking is generally regarded by doctors as a good way to get exercise. A basic walk is part of everyday life, so it does not require extra effort or setup compared with, say, doing aerobics. At most, you'll probably need a good pair of walking shoes and... More »
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1. Swing or pump your arms as you walk. If you feel awkward about this, just go for a light arm swing, back and forth as you walk. When you use upper and lower body muscles at the
It depends how fast you are walking, your body weight, your degree of fitness, what kind of ground you are walking on (soft or hard) and whether the ground is flat, or a slight incline
If you are looking to lose weight, it is important to know how many calories you would need to burn in , order to lose one pound. In one pound of fat, you will find 3500 calories.
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How many calories walking will burn for you depends on your weight, the pace you keep, and how long you walk. You can burn a few hundred calories walking. ...
The number of calories walking burns off depends on the intensity. If you are a 150 pound person, walking 2 miles per hour burns 94 calories. A brisk walk of 4 ...
If you weigh 150 and you walk at the rate of 4.5 miles per hour for 60 minutes, you will burn off approximately 360 calories. If you weigh more than than, you ...
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