How many cigarettes are equal to a single Black and Mild?


The number of standard cigarettes that are equal to a single Black and Mild depends on the standard of measurement used. For example, a regular-size Black and Mild contains upwards of 100 times more nicotine than a single cigarette.

A standard Black and Mild is a 4-6 inch cigar filled with pipe tobacco rolled in a tobacco leaf. Using nicotine levels as the comparison metric, one needs to smoke about 100 cigarettes to be exposed to the level of nicotine in one Black and Mild.

Black and Milds, however, are not intended for inhalation, but rather for cigar style smoking. The type of nicotine used in Black and Milds is easily absorbed through the walls of the mouth and doesn't need to be fully inhaled. Thus, using the intake of chemicals as a means for contrasting Black and Milds and cigarettes does not produce an accurate comparison.

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The Effects of Black & Mild Cigars
Smoking Black and Mild cigars poses the same health risks to humans as cigarettes. Whether you inhale the smoke of a Black and Mild not, you are taking thousands of poisonous chemicals into your body. According to the SmokeFree website, these small... More »
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Divide the weight of the black and mild package by 5 since their are 5 of them per pack. Then divide the weight of the cigarette pack by 20. Compare and see for yourself.
Some cigars are larger than cigarettes; hence smoking one cigar is
I would say 4-5. When I was a smoker I would occasionally smoke a black and mild, I could not smoke it all at once, but instead would let it die out when I didn't want to smoke anymore
Not Medical Advice: In terms of tar and nicotine a black an
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