How Many Eggs Does a Mallard Duck Lay?


A female mallard duck will lay between 7 and 16 eggs after an incubation period that lasts for about 29 days. A mallard is a wild fowl that is native to Britain and which can grow to a maximum weight of 1500 grams.
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1) I think they lay only one clutch (perhaps 10 to 12) of eggs per year. 2) Late spring into early summer. 3) She will choose a secluded spot for her nest and the eggs will be laid
Ducks hatch after 26 days and will follow the mother into
One or fewer. it's more realistic to ask how many eggs a hen can lay per week. Most breeds don't lay daily, more like 3 to 5 or 6 a week. And 5-6 is very, very good.
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