How many legs does a cicada have?


6. all insects do.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Hemiptera Family: Cicadidae
Cicadas are insects. They are classified in the order Hemiptera, which includes all insects with piercing and sucking mouth-parts. (Other insects in this order are bugs, aphids and scale insects). There are more than 200 Australian... More »
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If your insect insect looks and sounds like an adult cicada, it should be a cicada, but different members of Cicada family look quite different. These species from Thailand f.e. are
Dive into the world of Chinese brush painting, a traditional art where each brush stroke of the painting is neither improved upon nor corrected. The artist must get it right from
The same tissue layer that formed the old legs of the nymph creates the new legs of the adult. The new skin detaches from the old skin just before the molt emergence of the adult)
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Cicadas eat nutrients from plants and trees. They feed off of xlyem, a fluid from decedious trees, with a straw like mouth part hidden between their legs. They ...
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