How Many Miles Did Jesus Walk?


It is not known for sure exactly how many miles Jesus walked in his lifetime. It is estimated that Jesus walked close to 21,000 miles in his lifetime. It was common in this time period for people to walk long distances and traveled often for religious festivals and obligations.
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Well that depends on how fast you are walking! If you are walking fast - about 4 miles per hour, then it would take 15 minutes. If you are walking relatively slowly, say 2 miles per
The hill called Calvary was probably less than a quarter mile from the city of Jerusalem, just outside the gates.
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There's a calculator for this: Walking 1 mile consumes 0.03439 gallons (at 3mph, 155 lbs, "American diet") Driving 1 mile consumes 0.04912
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There have been several theories over the years as to how far Jesus walked with the cross. The main consensus is that he walked an estimated half of a mile with ...
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The body of water that Jesus walked on in the Biblical story is the Sea of Galilee. This Sea is located in Israel and is the largest lake in the country. ...
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