Why are There 60 Minutes in An Hour?


The reason there are 60 minutes in an hour is due to ancient mathematics of the Babylonians, Sumerians, and Egyptians, and the structure of the human hand. Sumerians counted to 12 on one hand by using the three sections (phalanx) on 4 fingers. They
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1 hour = 60 minute
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1. Remember that an hour consists of 60 minutes. To convert minutes to hours you need to divide the minutes by 60. Problem: Convert 15 minutes to hours. Solution: Divide 15(minutes)
1 First, write down the number of minutes with the word 'minutes' next to it, like so (let X be any number of minutes): X minutes Ad
It is: 2055/60 = 34.25 hours or 34 hours 15 minutes.
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The number of hours in 120 minutes is 2. There are 60 minutes contained in each period of an hour, thus 120 minutes divided by 60 minutes, equals 2 hours. ...
The way to convert minutes to hours is to divide the minutes by 60. This is because there are 60 minutes in every hour. ...
Hours, minutes and seconds make up the calendar. However, it is not known by historians who exactly invented the calendar or the hours and the minutes. There have ...
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