How many millimeters (ml) are in a bottle of 75cl wine?


There are exactly 750 millimeters in a 75cl bottle. A bottle of this volume is the international commercial standard for all varieties of wine.

The volume of the standard wine bottle is today measured using the metric system. The measurement is often given in milliliters, abbreviated “ml,” meaning one-thousandth of a liter. A centiliter, abbreviated “cl,” means one-hundredth of a liter. Thus, the centiliter is 10 times the volume of the milliliter and can be calculated by merely dividing a given number of milliliters by 10. A 75cl bottle holds roughly .264 US gallons. The United States adopted the metric measurements for wine in the 1970s.

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not enough!! sorry 6
There are 6 125Ml glasses of wine in a 75 Cl bottle. Since 1 Milliliter is equivalent to 0 .1 centiliter. report this answer. Updated on Saturday, February 04 2012 at 10:29PM GMT.
Fist, some wine is sold in 1 litre bottles. Before metric conversion, most wine and spirits were sold in 26 ounce bottles, which is nearly 77 cl. After metric conversion, wine and
just a decided standard likely they were made something like 732mL standard before the metric system was used widely, and so they just rouneded it up to 750mL (75cL) and it has become
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