How Many ML in a Pint?


1 imperial pint is equivalent to 568.26 millilitres.
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One pint is equal to 473.1765 milliliters.
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600 ml = 1 pint
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1 ml = 0.00211337642 US pints look here http://www.metric-conversions.org/volume/pints-to-milliliters.htm
There are 473 milliliters in 1 pint!
There are sixteen ounces in one pint. This is equivalent to two cups. This is good to know when you are shopping for the best grocery deals.
There are 8 pints in one US gallon. Note: US gallons and UK gallons are not the same, as with pints. For safest conversion we can go via Litres as its a fixed international standard
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There are three different measurements of pint this includes: the imperial pint where by 1 imperial pint is equal to 568.26125 millilitres. While 1 United States ...
5 oz (fluid ounces) is equivalent to 147.87mililitres. It is also equivalent to 0.1479 litres, 0.3125 pints, 0.625 cups, 0.1563 quartz and 0.0391 gallons. These ...
The amount of 60 ML is equal to 2.02 US fluid ounces. Fluid ounces are used in measuring liquids when baking or cooking. Milliliters can also be converted to pints ...
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