How Many Pallets Fit in a 20 FT Container?


A 20 foot container can fit 9 standard pallets inside. The size of the pallets and if the pallets can be stacked will determine how many can fit inside the container. If using a europallet then 11 would fit and 11 more if the pallets can be stacked.
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Assuming the 1200mm by 800mm pallet is the standard for the EU, it would be 10 lengthwise by three across, stacking them with the narrow side facing to the front and back of the container
Container Information. 20 FT. STANDARD CONTAINER.
You have not given enough information with your question, but..... 25.4 MM = 1 inch . So The stones are 11.8 inches square so a 20 foot long containerwill take 20.3 stones to cover.
Tonnes are a measurement of mass, not volume, so the question is impossible to answer without more information. You need to include the density of the subject being measured.
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