How Many Pallets Fit in a 20 FT Container?


A 20 foot container can fit 9 standard pallets inside. The size of the pallets and if the pallets can be stacked will determine how many can fit inside the container. If using a europallet then 11 would fit and 11 more if the pallets can be stacked.
Q&A Related to "How Many Pallets Fit in a 20 FT Container?"
Container Information. 20 FT. STANDARD CONTAINER.
You have not given enough information with your question, but..... 25.4 MM = 1 inch . So The stones are 11.8 inches square so a 20 foot long containerwill take 20.3 stones to cover.
Tonnes are a measurement of mass, not volume, so the question is impossible to answer without more information. You need to include the density of the subject being measured.
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