Which is bigger, a fifth or a pint of liquor?


A fifth is bigger than a pint of liquor.
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A fifth of alcohol is equal to 750 ML which is basically one fifth of a gallon or about 25 ounces. This equals out to just over 3 cups a bottle.
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A fifth of liquor is a term used to describe 750 millilitres of alcohol. It may vary in price and the alcohol content according to the area you are. It can also ...
The standard liquor comes in 750ml. This is roughly a fifth of the wine gallon which is 128 oz. 128 oz is equal to about 3785 ml. divided that by five and you'll ...
A fifth is a unit of volume used by the distilled beverage industry. Originally, it referred to a unit that was equal to one fifth of one gallon. That unit has ...
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