Where do Red Eyed Tree Frogs Live?


The red-eyed tree frog lives in Costa Rica and their diet consists of flies, moths, crickets and sometimes smaller frogs. Their eyes are bright red to scare away predators.
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Australian Red-Eyed Tree Frog
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia Order: Anura Family: Hylidae Genus: Litoria Species: Litoria chloris
The Red-eyed Tree Frog, Litoria chloris, has a scattered distribution along the Queensland and New South Wales coastline, from Prosperine in the north to mid-eastern New South Wales. The extent of... More »
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I don't have a clue.
1. Prepare a 20-gallon aquarium to house your tadpoles. Include 1 inch of aquarium gravel and several aquatic plants. Fill the tank about three-quarters full with dechlorinated water
1 Set up your red-eyed tree frog's home. Before you buy your frog, you'll need to have a home set up. Use bark, dirt, or paper towels for substrate. Purchase some fake plants for
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The red-eyed tree frog has red eyes that have vertically narrowed pupils. They have a neon green body with yellow and blue flanks. Their webbed feet are orange ...
The red-eyed tree frog is known to have originated from South and Central America. This frog prefers to live near water, and hides in trees in rainforest areas ...
Red-eyed tree frogs are mostly insectivorous. They eat many insects including flies, crickets and moths. They will also eat other frogs. You can find more information ...
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