How many "Resident Evil" films are there?


As of June 2014, five "Resident Evil" movies have been released. A sixth film in the series is planned for 2015.

"Resident Evil" Movies:

  • The first film in the series came out in 2002 and features Milla Jovavich, as Alice, attempting to escape from the Hive. Although she succeeds, a viral outbreak takes over the city.
  • In "Resident Evil Apocalypse," which was released in 2004, Alice escapes from Raccoon City but ends up being captured and cloned. Once she awakens, she realizes she has special powers.
  • "Resident Evil Extinction" was released in 2007. In this movie, Alice and a few survivors attempt to reach Alaska to escape the virus. Only a few survive, and Alice decides to go after Umbrella for what they did to her.
  • In "Afterlife," which came out in 2010, the survivors manage to escape to a tanker off the coast, but they are pursued by Umbrella.
  • During "Resident Evil Retribution," Alice is captured but manages to escape and is given the task of saving the few survivors in the world

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There are 3 Resident Evil films. The first one Resident Evil was released in
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