How to Convert Tabs to Spaces.?


1. Log in to you user account in Windows XP/Vista. 2. Click the "Start" button in the lower left corner of the screen. 3. Click "All Programs" and then open the folder "Microsoft Office. Click "Microsoft Word" to launch the program. 4. Press "Ctrl-O"
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Answer This is always definable from within whatever application you are using. In Word processor programs for instance, you can define how many spaces each press of the Tab button
eight. compare two lines followed by a period, the first line of whitespace is a tab, the second is eight consecutive spaces:…. the
The issue is that the Python interpreter itself treats 1 tab character the same as 8 spaces when looking at indented blocks. If you were to customize your editor to set tabs at 4
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Decimal tabs are basically word processing features, which automatically align columns of data on decimal points. Tabs are software commands that create spaces ...
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