How Many Tablespoons in a Dry Ounce?


Two tablespoons of dry measure is equivalent to 1/8 cup which is one ounce and is equal to 28.3 grams.
Q&A Related to "How Many Tablespoons in a Dry Ounce?"
It depends What's the tablespoon holding? Butter or oregano? Sugar or salt? Molten lead or feathers? Dry ounces are a unit of mass (or weight) and a tablespoon is a unit of volume
1. Convert dry ounces to tablespoons. Look at your recipe to see how many dry ounces are called for. Enter the number into your calculator and multiple by 2.38. The answer will give
Depends upon what you're measuring. 2 dry oz of marshmallows will have many more Tbsp than 2 dry oz of brown sugar. You might could check this site for volume-to-weight conversions:
1 US fluid ounce is equal to 2 US tablespoons. ChaCha On!
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