How many times did Lincoln run for the presidency?


Two times. In 1860, and in 1864 (re-election) He won both times.
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Abraham Lincoln ran for President twice & was the 16th President of the
It likely would, but I doubt he cares. You know, very few Russian leaders throughout the history stepped down voluntarily, the "chief democrat" Yeltsin wasn't an exception
he was the one man who tried to fight the British Empire indirectly,since the South for 'free trade' with the limeys,whom needed Cotton for their industries. If had Mr. lincoln lived
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Abraham Lincoln believed that all slaves should be free and that is one of the reasons that he ran for president. He had been a member of congress and senate before ...
On November 6, 1860 Abraham Lincoln won the sixteenth Presidency against Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge and John Bell of the ...
After president Lincoln was shot and killed in 1865 Andrew Johnson became president. President Johnson's time as president was not a good one as he face many radical ...
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