How Much Are French Road Tolls?


French road tolls are not fixed but vary from route to route. For example, as of 2012, it will cost you about £13 to go from Lille to Paris. Tolls are paid from tollbooths called peages, with credit cards, like Visa or MasterCard, or directly in cash.
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Automated toll roads work by having people insert monies into a slot on a machine. This machine will process the correct amount and raise the gate to allow passage.
1. Know your route. If you're aware there is a toll on the way to your destination, make sure you have the money for it or that you have a fast lane pass or whatever your state uses
1. Figure out how frequently you will use a toll road. All toll roads in Melbourne collect tolls electronically, and Brisbane is moving towards removing all cash booths on their toll
Toll road bonds are a form of municipal bond, usually if not always issued to buy a highway project like a road or a bridge. They're repaid by erecting tollbooths on the project and
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French toll roads vary according to different routes. On average, the toll price for French roads is around £13 as of 2012. ...
To find a list of toll roads in France, you can visit the 'autoroutes' website for more information. Some of these roads include the road from Paris to Bordeaux ...
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