How Much Are My Beatles Albums Worth?


Beatles records are worth precisely what someone is prepared to pay for them. The White Album can cost up to $1,200 for an unopened, mint Stereo copy. The Abbey Road, sells for about $400, the My Bonnie and The Saints are valued at $750. Beatles records sold in their millions, unless yours is unique in some way, it is not going to make much money. Autographed copies though can fetch good money.
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The Beatles' albums may cost anything from 500 pounds to 1500 pounds depending on the specific albums. The white album produced in 1968 happens to be the most popular and goes for up to 1500 pounds. The prices also vary depending on the condition of the albums.
The Beatles 'The White Album' is said to be worth £5,000-£7,000+
One of the latest Beatles album 'Abbey Road' goes for approximately $400. The 'White Album' in mint conditions sells for approximately $1200. One of their earliest albums ' Introducing the Beatles' is valued at approximately $300.
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29 bucks.
The first Beatles album was Please Please Me. It was released in March of 1963 and contains the singles Please Please Me and Love Me Do.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by Beatles is $14.49 and Revolver [UK] by Beatles is $13.99 new from
1. Examine the condition of the record and details such as the label and album sleeve. There are several versions of every Beatles recording and knowing which one you have, as well
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The first Beatles album can be worth a lot of money if it is in excellent condition. The amount the first Beatles album is worth will vary greatly depending on ...
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Since each of the Beatles White album is unique in the manner that each one was numbered, the price of each vinyl depends on that single number, ranging from 7,000 ...
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