How much are my English coins worth?


To find out the value of your coins, you can read books about coins. You can also take them to the local antique shop and they will help you determine their values. Ensure, however, that the coins are not damaged or defaced.
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In order to find out exactly what the cost of your home is you will need to hire an appraiser to give an estimate. It depends on the condition of the home along with the location
It depends on the denomination and country of origin. Without knowing that information it is impossible to tell if you have a coin worth 5 cents or 5 thousand dollars.
Answer One dollar's worth of pre-1965 US silver coins are worth .72 times the current spot silver price (silver dollars .76 times). Of course many are worth more as collectors items
If you want to find out how much your EE-series savings bond is worth you will need to know the serial number, its denomination, and issue date.
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How much your coins are worth depends wholly on what year they are from, and what kind of coin they are. An old dime will sometimes be worth more than an old penny ...
How much error coins are worth depends on the coin. Other variables will come into play, such as number of coins with errors, the type of coin, the year of mint ...
All circulating bicentennial coins are worth their face value. If the coin has not been circulated, or is in mint condition, it may be worth $10. Further worth ...
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