How Much Can I Earn If I Am Claiming Job Seekers Allowance?


If you are claiming job seeker allowance; the amount you receive depends on your age; under 25 - 51.85, aged 25 or over - 65.45 for contribution based JSA. Income based JSA earnngs is based on the type of person. The maximam amounts can be viewed on
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1. As soon as your employment ends, complete the online Jobseeker's Allowance application at You will be asked your National Insurance number and past employment history
That information is withheld under the Data Protection Act !
If you've been working consistently for seven years you are likely to qualify for contributions based JSA for the first 26 weeks which is not means tested and is paid irrespective
There is a difference between a JOINT claim and a PARTNER claim. If a couple do not have dependent children, then they usually have to be a JOINT claim, which means that BOTH parties
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When one is claiming unemployment, they can seek a Job Seeker's allowance of £53.45 per week for people aged between 16 and 24. Those aged over 25 get ...
You can earn a job-seekers allowance of between 53 to 68 pounds per week. You can either apply for a contribution-based job-seeker's allowance or for an income-based ...
Depending on your reasons for taking voluntary redundancy, you may get the Job Seekers Allowance or not. For a higher probability of earning the allowance you ...
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