How Much Did Things Cost in 1933?


Things in 1933 didnt cost as much as they do today, but the value of money was also different. One dollar in 1933 is worth around $16.88 by 2013 monetary standards. In 1933 the average cost of a house was approximately $5966, which equals around $100,724 by 2013 monetary standards. The cost of a car in 1933 was an average of $605, around $10,214 by 2013 monetary standards. Additionally, the average annual income was $964, which is roughly $16,275 by 2013 monetary standards.
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Theres alot of things that cost different amounts, so you will need to get more specific about what you are wanting the cost of, pleses re-submit so the question can be answered properly
The cost of newspaper greatly differs from the years in the 30's. In 1930-34 it was merely 5 cents, in later years it was 400 million per page. The cost of newspaper greatly differs
Cost of a gallon of gas in 1933 was 10 cents. Keep in mind, the average
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In 1933, items such as vacuum cleaners cost £11.20, the average cost for house rent in the US was equivalent to £11.30 per month, a radio ...
In 1933 milk was sold in quarts and not gallons. A quart bottle of milk in 1933 cost twenty five cents. ...
Because of inflation cars cost very much less but people made less too. Back then a cent or two would get you a sandwhich. So an average car would cost you about ...
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