What can Hamsters Eat?


Hamsters diet consists of roots, insects, mealworms and seeds. They enjoy fruits, vegetables and hard boiled eggs as treats. they can eat can dog food too.
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Types Most commercially sold hamster food contains a mixture of seeds and grains, including things like crushed oats, sunflower seeds and a variety of nuts. A small amount of vegetables
Always have hamster mix, also called hamster muesli, (you can buy this from your local pet shop) accessible for your hamster. You can also feed it the following: § Small pieces
this is what they can eat, other more elaborate lists are out there just look it up.
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Hamsters should be gradually introduced to apples to prevent cases of diarrhoea. This is done by giving it a small piece of apple every week and after a few weeks ...
Hamsters can eat grass but they only feed on a small amount. This is because too much grass can result to diarrhoea and they only need the grass to regulate the ...
Hamsters are rodents found in the Cricetinae subfamily which has around 25 species. Hamsters do not eat each other but they do eat burrowing insects, berries, ...
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