How Much Do Nurses Earn UK?


UK has a fixed salary grade for nurses. Newly hired nurses can receive from £16,525 to £18,240 per year. More experience nurses like a Modern Matron can expect salary of up to £33,820 per year. See this article for more information:
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Nursers in the Uk earn between 18,291 - 27,684
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5% less than U.S.
1. Earning a diploma as a licensed practical nurse will take about one year. The L.P.N. program concentrates on the more practical aspects of taking care of patients, such as giving
1. Consider carefully what is involved in being a nurse. The responsibilities, the long hours and the relatively low pay involved in a nursing career can be challenging. However,
You posted to the USA board, but it's going to depend on more than just the job title. I'd suggest to include pay ranges by zip code, experience level, and client demographics
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A nurse in Australia earns between £24, 411 and £47, 433. This, however, depends with the bonuses and the amount of overtime work that one does. ...
A nurse in the UK may earn between 35,035 and 48,100 pounds annually. The salary depends on which position you are in the hospital and the payment policies of ...
Dental nurses are relatively well paid, with newly-qualified nurses earning between £18,000 and £21,000 annually. Experienced dental nurses earn ...
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