How Much Do Things Cost in Turkey?


The cost of most goods and services in Turkey is cheap and more affordable than in the UK. Turkey has a low average monthly wage as compared to other European countries, making essentials such as electricity, water and food very cheap. Fruits and vegetables in season are cheap even in main resorts since Turkey is a big agricultural producer. It is even possible to eat in a resort for as low as £15 a head. Some of the few things which are more expensive than in the UK are the internet, call costs and petrol.
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Average monthly wage in turkey is much lower compared to Europe. This means that things can cost cheaper there than in the UK. Phone and related call cost, petrol and internet coast more than they would in the UK.
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Around the holidays, turkeys are in higher demand and so the price goes way down. Right now a turkey can be found on sale for about 30 cents a pound.
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This question was fun for me to research, I was born in 1956. Of course I can't list everything. Here are a few examples: minimum wage $1.00 an hour, gas $.31 a gallon, average house
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