How much does dry cleaning cost?


The cost of dry cleaning varies depending on the type of dry cleaner used. According to William E. Fisher, CEO of the International Fabricare Institute, the cost to clean an average business suit can vary from $3-$4 at a discount cleaner, $10 at a regular dry cleaner and $25 or more at a high-class dry cleaner.

Additional factors also impact the price of dry cleaning. For example, knit or corduroy clothing, pieces that are colored red or white, and women's clothing usually cost more to have professionally dry cleaned. Fancy or evening clothing that requires special attention also increases the price of dry cleaning.

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Dry cleaning rates differ depending on the cleaner. They can range from 99 cents for a shirt to $10-$25 for a suit.
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My local cleaner (metro Atlanta) charges 99 cents for men's button-down shirts. Cost would vary in other areas and for other items.
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Average cost for dry cleaning depends on what is to be cleaned. For
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