How Much Does It Cost to Get a British Passport?


For adults, a first-time application, renewing or replacing a normal passport by post costs £77.50 by post, £112.50 for a fast-track service and £129.50 for an on-the-day appointment service. Passports with more pages cost more. A child's passport costs £49.50 for first-time application or renewal and £96.50 for the fast-track service. The one-day service is only available for renewals with children's passports and this costs £109.50.
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British passports cost differently depending on the nature (first or renewal), age and size of the passport. A standard 32-page first adult passport costs £77.50 while a Jumbo 48-page passport costs £90.50. A child's first passport costs £49.00 while on the other hand persons born on or before 2 September 1929, get their passports free of charge.
In 2011, for adults (over 16 years) the cost of renewing a UK Passport is £77.50. You can opt for a one-week Fast Track service at a cost of £112.50, or a one-day Premium service for £129.50.
A passport is a document issued by a government that certifies one for international travel. A British passport will cost approximately 77.50 pounds but a person will be charged extra if they need extra services like more pages on their passport or getting it in a shorter period.
A British passport is used as evidence of the bearer's nationality and immigration status within the United Kingdom or the issuing state. The British ten year adult passport costs about ?77.50, to help ensure that the Identity and Passport Service is able to maintain the high standards in customer service.
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The cost of the passport will depend on if you have a passport already. Anyone 16 and over can receive a passport for the first time for $100.00 for the passport book.
about £333.
1. Visit the website of the British Identity and Passport Service (IPS) (see link in Resources below) and click on "Passports. On the next page, click "Fill out your application
1 Decide how to access the required form considering that you have four options when you're working with the Identity and Passport Service Office (IPS). Ad 2 Fill out and submit the
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Currently, in 2010, a standard adult first passport with the standard 3-week service will cost you £77.50. A child's passport for under 16s will cost ...
The cost to renew a British passport differs according to the service chosen. Usually, a standard service to renew a passport is charged £77.50 while a fast ...
A British adult passport would cost approximately £77.50. It is inclusive of the passport as well as the interview. ...
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