How Much Does It Cost to Operate 08456 Telephone Numbers?


Calling 0845 number costs 2p per minute daytime, 0845 numbers gives you a national rather than a local or regional presence and all your callers pay the same wherever they in the UK.0845 numbers are used where one want to fully subsidise all of their collective caller’s charges
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Operators can be reached by dialing 411.
It depends on the next digit. Numbers in 07003 are in charge bands D1, J1, K1, PN2, PN3, and PN22.
411 is directory assistance in New York and most US cities (some remote places still use the old 555-1212) Or just go to and type in your bank's name and information.
If you are having problems from unwanted callers, then BT will change your number free of charge. The best idea is to contact BT and speak to them.
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