How Much Does the Average Family of Three Spend on Groceries Per Month?


The average family of three could spend from around £200 to well over £600. This does not include eating out, but if you do consider eating out, it will cost you around £1500 and above.
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about $2,000.
The average family consisting of 4 people,
1. Buy in bulk! Budget $5 per month for items such as beans, whole wheat flour, flax seed etc. The items needed may change monthly, but the budget will remain the same. 2. Limit meats
We are a family of four and spend about $125. per week on groceries/products. We try to purchase what is in the sales papers FIRST, and then plan our menu around the sale items if
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How much a family of four will spend on groceries each month will depend on a few factors. The first is how much the family brings in per year, the location of ...
How much a family of three should spend per month on food depends on a lot of things. It will depend on the age of those three and the location where they buy ...
The average family spends around $2,354 a year on gas. The amount for groceries at home is around $3,465 and groceries away from home is $2,668 a year. ...
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