How Much Does the Prime Minister Earn?


The current salary of the Prime Minister as of 2011 is 142,500 pounds per year. To learn more about Parliament and the salaries of other officials, visit here:
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The Prime Minister is recognised as a national leader in the UK, responsible for communicating with the the British people in terms of global events. He/she usually earns 197,289 Great Britain Pounds annually. Actually, this value is the sum of the ministerial entitlement of 132,193 Great Britain Pounds and the MP’s salary of 64,766 Great Britain Pounds. For more information, visit
The British prime minister earns about 198,661 sterling pounds. However, this salary is usually subject to changes as the years go on. He is the leader of government and is also referred to as the First Lord of the Treasury. For more information pleases click:
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Vladimir Putin was born on Ocotber 7, 1952. He is the current Prime Minister of Russia after being appointed on May 8, 2008. He was also the second President of Russia, being in office
Former PM Gordon Brown has a PhD in history from the University of Edinburgh.
Stephen Joseph Harper
The requirements to become prime minister vary based on the country, but they are usually very broad. In England, for example, any citizen of the country who is at least 18 years
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