How Much Is a 1920 Penny Worth Today?


A George V 1920 penny is worth over £6.00 today.
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Your particular penny is worth about 8 to 16
1 cent.
During World War II, copper was needed for the war effort the U.S. penny was made so pennies were made out of steel in 1943. They are worth about 12 to 15 cents in circulated condition
There were two varieties of cent made in Canada in 1920. It was the last year of the "large cent" (about the diameter of a quarter) and the first year for the current sized
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A 1920 penny is worth from 6 cents to 16 cents. You can purchase the 1920S on ebay for about 99 cents. The only thing though, is if you pay more for the penny, ...
A 1920 wheat penny is worth from 6 - 16 cents, depending on where it was minted. The 1920S is worth the most. There are sellers over at ebay that are selling the ...
The 1917 penny is a pretty common penny. It is only worth about $1 to $10. The 1917 D is worth more than the 1917 and the 1917 S, and typically brings in the higher ...
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