How Much is a 1929 Fifty Dollar Bill Worth?


The 1929 Fifty Dollar Bill was printed in two ways. The way it was printed will determine its value. If the bill says The Federal Reserve Bank, then it is not worth much more than $50. However, if the bill says The First National Bank, then it may be worth its face value up to $400.
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The U.S. did not print any $50 bills with that date. (In fact, the Treasury did not print bills in ANY denomination that year. Please post a new question. If the bill is issued by
$20.00 in 1929 had about the same buying power as
If it is a normal one dollar bill it is worth one dollar only. If it is an antique bill which cannot be found in circulation now, you can auction it to antique bill collectors and
There's no genuine JFK $1 bill. It's an ordinary Washington bill that someone altered and sold as a novelty. It has no extra value.
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