How Much is a 1929 Fifty Dollar Bill Worth?


The 1929 Fifty Dollar Bill was printed in two ways. The way it was printed will determine its value. If the bill says The Federal Reserve Bank, then it is not worth much more than $50. However, if the bill says The First National Bank, then it may be worth its face value up to $400.
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A fifty dollar bill dated from 1929 will be worth approximately $65
1929 $50 bills were issued as National Currency notes and had brown (sometimes reddish-brown) seals. Auction values as of 02/2010 are: With a Dallas bank designation: $150.300. circulated
1. Tilt the stripe to see maple leaves and numbers. Hold the note face-forward. Tilt it while watching the metallic stripe on the left hand side. Maple leaves will be visible and
These 1929 fifty dollar bills will generally not be worth more than a few dollars over face value due to their large printing numbers. If it has a star MORE? report this answer. Updated
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