How Much Is a Beer in Stockholm?


The cost of beer in Stockholm is about £1.28. This is the price quoted for 0.5L or 16oz of beer in various supermarkets within the city. This high cost is due to the extreme rate of alcohol taxation.
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It's ridiculously expensive! Almost triple what it would be for a drink in the U.S. When I went there our tab was triple the amount! It is so expensive there!
Expect to pay between 60-80 SEK (£4.50-£6.00) for a lunchtime meal in Stockholm and about 25-30 SEK (£1.90-£2.25) for a 1/2 litre bottle of beer.
Well first of all, Stockholm is beautiful city! As for the beerfestival, it is a great moment to sample beers from all over the world in a rather small place, nearly all importers
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