What is a Deciliter?


A deciliter is a measurement of liquid. It is one-tenth of a liter. It seems that the liter is the most understood metric measurement in the U.S. because of soft drinks.
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1. Multiply the number of deciliters by 0.0001 to convert to kiloliters. For example, if you have 500 dL, multiply 500 by 0.0001 to get 0.05 kL. 2. Divide the number of deciliters
Deciliter n. ( Abbr. dl ) A metric unit of volume equal to one-tenth (10) of a lit
There is 1 dekaliter equivalent 10 deciliters
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Deciliter is a measurement of capacity or volume in the metric system. It is a volume equal to one tenth of a litre. This measurement is used in equipments such ...
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