How Much Is a One Day Travel Card?


Travel Cards are available at a range of prices. Prices depend on peak and off peak hours and the type of person, whether a child or an adult. For more details of travel cards prices visit:
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The cost of a one day travel card will depend on which London zone you want to travel to. London has six zones with different rates for adults.
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The price of a One-Day Travelcard varies, depending on the time of travel and your location. (London is split into 6 zones, with Zones 1 and 2 being Central London ...
The London Travelcard caters for all transport needs in London. If you are visiting London, you will need a Travelcard to get around the capital. A 1 Day Travelcard ...
Do you have a zip card, then you pay half price If not then a one day travel card is £15-50 for peak times and & ...
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