How much is a Penny Red stamp worth?


The Penny Red was Great Britain's longest running stamp, from February 1841 to the end of November 1879. It was used for the standard letter postage rate of 1d and approximately 21 billion were issued. The price is between £0.50 and £75
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That depends on what plate it is. Some are only worth a few pence but a few such as plate 77 ones are really rare and could sell for loads (i heard of one plate 77 penny red sold
nothing... george 1st 1608 1670 he wasnt on a 1933 stamp we dont put dead kings on our
A 1974 S stamped penny coin is rare but does not seem to bring much of a
We have found a variety of penny red stamps on sale from £3.00 up to £34.48 but suggest you contact specialist in your area for accurate info. report this answer. Updated
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A Penny Red stamp is between £0.50 and £75. To know the worth of your Penny Red you should look at its plate number. ...
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